Digital X-Ray & ECG

A Digital X-Ray facility provides immediate processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. This allows
applications in all routine X-rays as well as specialized imaging studies like IVP. IVP or intravenous pyelogram which is a radiological
procedure used to visualize abnormalities of the urinary system, including the kidneys, ureters and bladder.

Test Significance:

A Digital X-Ray facility provides images to be viewed on-screen within minutes. A radiologist typically views and interprets the results.
List of X-Rays at Suburban Diagnostics:

  • Abdomen
  • Adenoids
  • Chest
  • Extremities
  • Joints
  • KUB
  • PNS
  • Spine AP/Lateral
  • HSG

Test Preparation:

  • You will be required to remove all jewelry and wear a gown provided at our centre during the x-ray examination because metal and certain clothing can obscure the images and require repeat studies.
  • Carry previous X-ray images and reports if you have undertaken the same test earlier.
  • All the Departments are equipped with air conditioning system. Lumbar spine X-ray requires overnight fasting and clear motion to get a clear image.




Special Services

Home Services

Medicure Plus provides a dependable and convenient service of blood tests at your home/office. It is not just a service but a comforting privilege in which medically equipped crew members attend to you at your residence and collect the required test samples. Medicure Plus observes high standards of practice and is proud to extend this convenience to our clients.

Online Reports

The reports of most of the tests are available on the same day and can also be accessed anywhere, anytime through the hospital’s website.All patient/client reports are now available online for a period of one year from the test date. You can login with your details (sent to you by SMS) using the relevant link and view/download all your test reports.

Privilege Membership

Announcing a privilege program for the valued customers of Medicure Plus. Our Privilege Health program gives access to a world of benefits. Our Privilege Health Card gives you and your family access each time they use any of our services, they will get discounts.To know more about the our privileg membership progam please contact us.